Electronic fuses deliver LED lighting overcurrent protection

-September 25, 2012

The AirMatrix 2410 family of surface mount electronic fuses provides AC line overcurrent protection for LED applications. Housed in an EIA 2410 compact package the AirMatrix targets LED and other space-constrained designs.

Featuring the industry's smallest fuse body with 250VAC rating. AirMatrix has an operating temperature range of -55 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius. The series complies with multiple safety standards including UL, PSE, TUV and CQC. Lead -free, halogen-free and RoHS compliant, the fuses are offered in a wide range of current ratings for various applications: 0.5A – 2A (250VAC/125VDC), 2.5A – 10A (125VAC/125VDC) and 12A – 20A (65VAC/65VDC).

In addition to LED use, they are suitable for other common AC and DC applications including LCD TVs; telecommunications and networking equipment; battery packs; server and storage systems; power adapters; backlight drivers; industrial and medical equipment. Pricing for AirMatrix fuses start at $0.26 for quantities of 2,000. Contact company for delivery information.

For more information visit AEM Components.

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