3-D microscope leverages tip/tilt optical head

-October 31, 2012

The ContourGT-I 3-D bench profiler from Bruker not only simplifies feature tracking over a range of angles with its tip/tilt head, but also provides fully automated operation, including the head, stage, lenses, turret, and illumination.
In addition, the 3-D optical microscope is vibration-tolerant and has a stable base design with integrated air isolation.

Useful for both R&D and manufacturing environments, the ContourGT-I’s programmable tip/tilt head minimizes XY tracking errors. Conventional pitch-and-roll stage designs require operator adjustment of five axes of motion to maintain the point of inspection on line-of-sight measurements. Bruker’s tip/tilt head design maintains the line of sight on the point of inspection, regardless of tilt.

The ContourGT-I has a maximum scan range of up to 10 mm. Vertical resolution is less than 0.01 nm. A wide variety of objectives is available for the microscope, ranging from 1X to 115X. The scope also features dual-LED illumination. Windows-based Vision64 software and an extensive library of filters and analysis options software aid measurement and analysis.

More information: www.bruker.com/products/surface-analysis/3d-optical-microscopy/contourgt-i/overview.html

Bruker, www.bruker.com

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