PPTC series offers low internal resistance

-October 30, 2012

The POLYFUSE LoRho Surface Mount Resettable PPTC series is designed for high-speed overcurrent protection for applications that need ultra-low resistance, ultra-low voltage drop and minimal power dissipation.  The device provides overcurrent protection against fault current surges by limiting electrical current. The device generates heat when a fault current flow through the device, causing the internal resistance to rapidly rise, limiting current flow to the circuit downstream to a safe level. The devices internal resistance drops back to normal state when the overcurrent condition passes.

Features include:

  • Smallest footprint PPTC in the market, available in sizes as small as 0402 to save board space.
  • Offer high design flexibility to design-in the most suitable device for the application.
  • A very thin height profile makes the series suitable for use in compact portable electronics.
  • Fast response to fault currents provides secure protection for sensitive electronic products.
  • Resetting automatically, they provide a low maintenance alternative to one-time fuses for overcurrent protection.
  • RoHS compliant, lead free, halogen free, and UL and TUV recognized, which ensures they are environmentally friendly and compliant with international safety standards.
  • Compatible with high temperature solders to meet lead-free soldering requirements.


The POLYFUSE LoRho PPTC resistor series is available in quantities of 2,000 to 10,000 in standard tape and reel packaging. Contact company for pricing.


For more information visit Littelfuse, Inc.


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