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Unit validates LTE base-station performance

-November 08, 2012

With Ixia’s XAir LTE UE (user equipment) emulation module, operators can perform complex subscriber modeling for end-to-end network testing—from the LTE base station, through mobile backhaul and core networks, all the way to the data center.The hardware unit, which accommodates one sector, works with the company’s XM and XG chassis and load modules to enable the testing of multiple sectors.

XAir addresses three critical areas of LTE network validation: realistic subscriber and service modeling, massive scalability, and comprehensive QoE measurements. All three elements are required to properly evaluate LTE base stations. XAir’s subscriber modeling supports web, voice (VoLTE), and video applications; all LTE mobility types; and radio characteristics, including cell edge, cell center, and user movements.

Each XAir board emulates more than 1000 connected active UEs (more than 6000 UEs per chassis). In addition to a built-in 10-MHz clock for eNodeB synchronization, the 1U module provides three 1-GigE, one 10-GigE, and four optical SFP/CPRI ports. It can be directly interfaced with an eNodeB or Ixia’s remote radio-head units, which cover all FDD and TDD frequency bands.

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