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LXI chassis accommodates scalable matrix

-November 25, 2012

The 65-110 LXI modular matrix platform from Pickering Interfaces provides a matrix bandwidth in excess of 200 MHz for data-acquisition applications requiring Y to X point-to-point connections. Matrices are created by populating the 65-110 chassis with plug-in modules that provide access to the X and Y connections on SMB coaxial connectors.

The chassis supports matrices with Y-axis sizes of 8 or 16 connections and X-axis sizes of up to 104 connections in increments of 8. Engineers can specify as many or as few plug-in modules as required, and modules can be added in the field. The chassis detects the presence of the plug-in modules and configures them as a single matrix.

Designed for high bandwidth and low crosstalk, the 65-110 achieves a usable bandwidth of up to 500 MHz and crosstalk of better than 60 dB at 30 MHz and typically better than 45 dB at 500 MHz, even on adjacent paths. The 65-110 includes a self-test function that allows it to check all connection paths with the signal connections in place, but not injecting current.

A LXI Version 1.4-compliant interface allows Ethernet-based control of the matrix. All LXI modules are supplied with built-in software drivers, web pages for configuration, and soft front panels as required by the LXI specification.

The 65-110-001 LXI chassis costs $5495. Prices for the plug-in modules start at $1335.

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