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Scope modules aid 100G transceiver testing

-November 29, 2012

Combined with new electrical sampling modules, Tektronix’ 82A04B phase-reference module for the DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling-oscilloscope mainframe reduces instrument jitter to under 100 femtoseconds (typical). These new upgrades make the DSA8300 useful for the design, debug, and characterization of 100G transmitters and links on up to six channels as defined by IEEE 802.3a and 32G Fibre Channel test specifications.

The 82A04B phase-reference module extends the capability of the DSA8300 by supplying extremely low-jitter/drift sample-position information to the mainframe. This sample-position information is based on the phase of a clock signal supplied to the 82A04B input. The module accommodates input clock frequencies of 2 GHz to 32 GHz with an option to support frequencies of up to 60 GHz.

Tektronix’ six new electrical sampling modules cover bandwidths from 20 GHz to 70 GHz. These modules use remote sampling heads that place the measurement acquisition point at or near the device-under-test to minimize signal degradation due to cabling. Taken together, these modules offer a combination of low vertical noise, low intrinsic jitter, and bandwidth performance to enable engineers to fully characterize high-bit-rate signals (3rd harmonic data rates to >45 Gbps).

82A04B phase reference module:

DSA8300 oscilloscope:


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