Add Class-D audio capabilities to embedded designs

Clive Maxfield -January 06, 2013

Silicon Labs’ new Class D ToolStick for the Precision32 32-bit MCU family simplifies the addition of voice, sound clips and streaming audio to embedded designs.

The Class D ToolStick highlights the Precision32 family's high level of integration, including a 300 mA high-drive I/O, crystal-less USB operation, an I²S receiver, and capacitive sensing.

The Class D ToolStick kit shows you how to quickly and easily add Utility Class D audio to your designs using the Precision32 MCUs:

  • Versatile, easy-to-use Class D demo kit and software – includes hardware Gerber files and software to streamline the process of adding * Class D audio to embedded applications; intuitive capacitive touch user interface
  • Cost-effective development platform for SiM3U1xx/SiM3C1xx MCUs – built-in USB debugger/programming interface and accessible pins for easy prototyping interface
  • Complimentary software development tools – Precision32 IDE, AppBuilder crossbar configuration software and Keil tool chains

Class D ToolStick information page

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This article originally appeared on EE Times.

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