ZigBee BoosterPack evaluation kits speeds design

-January 08, 2013

A new ZigBee BoosterPack based on the TI CC2530 ZigBee SoC comes with hardware and software designed to rapidly bring up the modem, create a network and send and receive packets. Developed by Anaren, Inc., the BoosterPack A2530E24A-LPX works with the MSPS430 and Stellaris LaunchPad evaluation kits, providing additional MCU choices.The BoosterPack includes:
  • Three ZigBee BoosterPacks based on the Anaren AIR module A2530E24A for connection to the MSP430 or Stellaris LaunchPad evaluation kit
  • Each BoosterPack includes an on-board MSP430G2553IN20 Value Line MCU, pre-flashed with Anaren's AIR-ZNP firmware
  • For Stellaris MCU operation, simply remove the MSP430 MCU, and load the Stellaris firmware via USB from the included CD
  • CD with all the software, MSP430 and Stellaris drivers, application notes, quick start guide, and more
  • One 2xAA battery holder for remote


The CC2530-based BoosterPack and modules are available now from Anaren authorized distributors. The BoosterPack retails for approximately USD $100. Contact the company for additional information.

For more information visit Texas Instruments.

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