Robots follow invisible magnetic tracks

-January 09, 2013

A magnetic guide sensor that detects and reports on the position of a magnetic field on the horizontal axis for the movement of robots on the factory floor was announced by Roboteq, Inc. The sensor targets line-following robotic applications and uses adhesive magnetic tape for the floor-level track followed by the robot.Advanced signal processing accurately measures lateral distance from the track’s center, from a height up to 60mm. The MGS1600 provides a position resolution of 1mm, according to the company, the highest precision available.

The sensor moves material on factory floors that use automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), however new applications are expected to develop in retail, medical, stage theater and rail-less tramway industries. Connectivity options abound with the technology. It is also equipped with several LEDs for easy monitoring and diagnostics.

The sensor is available now globally at $395 in single quantities.

For additional information visit Roboteq, Inc.

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