Nine sensors provide contextual awareness in a kit

-January 09, 2013

A Contextual Awareness System Development Kit (CA-SDK) by InvenSense combines nine sensors and software on a 1.71 in. x 1.46 in. PCB configured into a wearable watchband. Developers working on wearable sensor innovations can create advanced applications and end products with orientation tracking and activity recognition. It can also be used in sleep monitoring posture detection, and immediate environment detection applications.


The kit features the MPU-9250 9-axis MotionTracking device and InvenSense’ algorithms for MotionFusion. It incorporates temperature, humidity, UV light, proximity, pressure, and light sensors, and comes with an embedded motion-processing library, USB port, on-board memory, and Bluetooth module. Contact company for availability and pricing.


For more information visit InvenSense.

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