Connector’s multispring pin eliminates soldering

-January 19, 2013

TE Connectivity’s Mag-Mate connectors with multispring pins streamline the manufacturing process by eliminating the need to solder magnet wires to PCB connections in motors and coils. The solderless press-fit multispring pin also prevents heat damage to board-mounted components.

Mag-Mate provides an IDC (insulation-displacement connection) slot to further aid manufacturing by simultaneously stripping up to two magnet wires of the same size during termination. No pre-stripping, welding, or soldering is required. Five Mag-Mate connector types accommodate copper magnet wire sizes of 0.18 to 0.265 mm (31 to 33 AWG), 0.265 to 0.40 mm (26 to 30 AWG), 0.63 to 0.85 mm (19 to 23 AWG), 0.85 to 1.12 mm (17 to 19 AWG), 0.40 to 0.63 mm (23 to 26 AWG).

Connectors are available in strip form for semiautomatic or fully automatic insertions. A clean metal-to-metal interface produces stable, gas-tight electrical terminations free of oxides and other contaminants.

Mag-Mate connectors with multispring pin information page

TE Connectivity,

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