Imec, Cadence develop 3-D memory-on-logic DFT tool

-January 23, 2013

Nanoelectronics research firm Imec and Cadence Design Systems announced at this week’s European 3D TSV Summit in Grenoble, France, the joint development of an automated DFT (design-for-test) solution for testing logic-memory interconnects in DRAM-on-logic 3-D stacks.
The test methodology, which is based on the Cadence Encounter Test platform, was verified on an industrial test chip containing a logic die and a JEDEC-compliant Wide I/O mobile DRAM.

Memory-on-logic 3-D ICs offer many benefits for low-power mobile applications. The Wide I/O standard allows up to four DRAM dies, or ranks, to be placed on top of a logic die or on an interposer substrate. Wide I/O also includes boundary scan features to facilitate interconnect testing.

The Imec/Cadence solution leverages a DFT architecture and corresponding ATPG (automatic test pattern generation) approach, including support for post-bond testing of the interconnects between the logic die and the DRAM stacked on top of it. All 3-D DFT logic in the logic die was automatically inserted with a Cadence Encounter RTL compiler, while the interconnect test patterns were generated with an Encounter Test ATPG.


Cadence Design Systems,

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