Data-capture device generates functional test code

-January 27, 2013

The Data Capture Pod from Diagnosys converts signals from an individual IC or at the edge connector of a PCB into editable test code for use with the company’s PinPoint family of test and fault-finding systems.
 This compact, portable unit lets engineers create functional test programs for boards, custom devices, and complex components.
Complete with its own power supply, the Data Capture Pod supplies 96 single-ended or 48 differential digital channels, which can be expanded to as many as 480 single-ended or 240 differential channels by adding up to four expansion modules. It offers programmable sense thresholds, sampling rates, and trigger conditions, along with two dedicated analog channels with 400-MHz bandwidth. USB 3.0 and 100Base-T interfaces allow the device to be connected to any PinPoint system or laptop computer in the workshop or in the field.

Data Capture Pod information page


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