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Agilent scope option tests USB 2.0 signal quality

-January 29, 2013

With the DSOX4USBSQ signal-quality test option licensed on Agilent’s InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes, engineers can verify the analog quality of their signals generated by USB 2.0 hubs, host, and devices based on USB-IF compliance standards.
The test option, which supports low-speed, full-speed, and hi-speed USB applications, generates HTML pass/fail reports for eye-diagram mask testing, jitter analysis, end-of-packet bit width, signaling rate, edge monotonicity, and rise/fall times—all based on official USB-IF algorithms embedded in the oscilloscope.

Engineers who work with embedded electronics do not usually perform USB-IF testing because USB-IF certification is not typically required for non-PC products. However, to ensure reliability, embedded-systems designers often test the physical layer of their designs based on USB-IF standards before releasing their products to production. Agilent’s USB 2.0 signal-quality test option offers a low-priced way to perform these tests.

The DSOX4USBSQ option costs $1020 and will be available February 15, 2013.

DSOX4USBSQ USB 2.0 signal-quality test option datasheet

Agilent Technologies,

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