LED dimming adjusts to circadian rhythm

-February 05, 2013

Warm Glow Dimming and Color Curve Dimming LED technologies adjust and change color temperatures throughout the day to improve the user’s performance and comfort by stabilizing their circadian rhythm.

The light fixtures offer simple color features as follows:

Warm to warmer:
In USAI Lighting’s BeveLED 2.0 and BeveLED Mini downlighting product families, Warm Glow Dimming precisely follows the curve of incandescent and halogen lamps when dimmed (from 2700K or 3000K down to 2200K). Used for hospitality and residential applications, Warm Glow Dimming products achieve the same candlelight aesthetics possible with traditional light sources.

Cool to warm: Replacing compact fluorescent and metal halide lamps with a single, energy-efficient fixture, USAI's Color Curve Dimming, also featured in its BeveLED 2.0 and BeveLED Mini products, starts cool at full output and warms as it dims. Environments such as healthcare facilities, schools, retail environments, corporate offices, and homes have the flexibility to adjust color temperatures (from 3500K to 2200K). Contact company for pricing and availability.


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Download datasheets on LED lighting products at Datasheets.com.

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