Intuitive web app allows easy design, building of embedded computers

EDN Staff -February 13, 2013

Gumstix has announced an easy-to-use online modular design tool for designing and building custom embedded computers. Called Geppetto, the platform is designed to provide an intuitive solution where designers can create a board with a drag-and-drop approach and connect desired modules - such as USB plugs, network connectors, LEDs or whole computer-on-modules - to meet specifications.

Geppetto provides color-based status indicators of design completion while managing low-level routing issues, and, if needed, suggests suggests alternative modules to complete the design. According to the company, designing a custom device with Geppetto, ready for manufacturing, can take as little as 10 minutes, depending on complexity.

Designs can be saved, optionally shared with the Geppetto developer community and ordered online from Gumstix. Geppetto is available to try without any usage charges.

Geppetto embedded computer design tool

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