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Packet-capture system leverages open-source tools

-February 14, 2013

Continuum PCAP from NextComputing combines an enterprise-class packet-capture engine with familiar open-source tools to perform high-speed network packet capture, traffic monitoring, and analysis. The manufacturer reports that by building on open-standards hardware and software, Continuum PCAP offers performance similar to more costly capture systems, but at a lower cost.

Through a simple browser-based user interface, Continuum PCAP monitors 1G and 10G networks, capturing network traffic at lines rates of up to 7.5 Gbps to industry-standard PCAP files. It also provides packet analysis, intrusion detection, real-time indexing, and zero packet loss with time-stamping of every packet.

Continuum PCAP is available in a rack-mount configuration with up to 64 terabytes of storage and as many as 20 removable hard drives, as well as a portable configuration with up to 14 terabytes of storage and up to 14 removable hard drives.

Continuum PCAP packet-capture system datasheet


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