LTE/3G multimode RF transceiver enables successful deployment of HetNet small cell base stations

-February 18, 2013



Maxim’s 3rd generation, highly integrated, LTE/3G small cell RF transceiver supports all major cellular bands; complete reference designs for indoor and outdoor applications speed development.

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. introduced the MAX2580*, a single-chip multi-standard RF to Bits® small cell radio transceiver. This highly integrated solution requires very few external components to execute an all-band, multimode, multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radio design. The MAX2580 design package also includes full system-level reference designs to shorten time to market. This RF transceiver is ideal for mobile operators planning residential, enterprise, or outdoor small cell deployments in their next-generation heterogeneous networks (HetNet).

“HetNet”, or heterogeneous network is a model which uses a network topology comprised of multiple access technologies: Wi-Fi, picocells, femtocells and traditional macrocell base stations. The idea is that devices can stay on the same network, even when roaming around, regardless of the specific access method. In order for that work, the number of microcells will have to far outweigh the number of base stations

Anticipating the needs of next-generation HetNet solutions, the MAX2580 provides wideband frequency coverage with programmable channel bandwidths to support all LTE/3G bands and modes. In a single device, the MAX2580 integrates a complete 2x2 MIMO RF front-end, including fractional-N frequency synthesizers, high-speed data converters, and channel selection filters. Additionally, the MAX2580 features a standard JESD207 data interface to facilitate seamless connectivity with multicore LTE baseband processors.


Key Advantages


High-performance radio: supports all LTE bands from Band 1 to Band 41 with selectable channel bandwidths from 1.4MHz to 20MHz; supports FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE and WCDMA modes; enables the full breadth of indoor and outdoor small cell solutions.


High integration: 2x2 MIMO RF to Bits architecture; integrates complete RF front-end, IF amplifiers, fractional-N synthesizers, all decimation, interpolation and channel selection filters, plus a parallel JESD207 data interface; the power amplifier (PA) pre-driver delivers  0dBm output power level.


Fast time to market: full system-level reference designs available for indoor and outdoor applications


Availability and Pricing


Available in an 11mm x 11mm a QFN package.


Contact factory for pricing.

For more information go to Maxim’s website.

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