Flickerless SSL LED driver optimized for commercial/wireless use

-February 19, 2013

There is a new and innovative digital AC/DC LED driver platform from iWatt, Inc., targeting wireless and commercial SSL systems. Addressing cot, performance, and operating life, the first device in the platform family is the iW3630, a two-stage flickerless LED driver with output power to 45W. The company believes it to be the first SSL LED driver with a built-in 0V to 10V dimming interface for commercial lighting ballasts.

The iW3630 enables a 30% to 40% savings in BOM compared with 0V to 10V applications and maintains an extremely high power factor (PF) at loads down to 20% of full load. It offers total harmonic distortion (THD) of <15% to address a variety of stringent global energy regulations and has built-in over-temperature protection (OTP) and derating functions that improve the predictability and reliability of system operating life. The device, given its built-in isolation transformer driver, works with the 0V to 10V dimming system, eliminating additional driver circuitry components and MCUs.

The iW3630 uses the company’s Flickerless technology, eliminating flicker across the entire 1% to 100% dimming range, while providing tight, ±5% LED current regulation. factor and also virtually eliminates the input line-voltage frequency component.


Key features include:


Output power: 3W to 45W
Built-in 0-10V dimming interface, no need for driver circuit and MCU
PWM digital interface eliminates auxiliary power supplies in wireless lighting systems
Wide dimming range: 1% – 100%
Flickerless technology eliminates LED flicker in entire dimming range
Power factor > 0.95
Total harmonic distortion (THD)
< 15% High efficiency > 85% (typical)
Integrated LED over-temperature protection and derating


Available now in production quantities, the iW3630 comes in a standard, 14-lead SOIC package. Samples are available at $1.16 in 1000-piece quantities.


For more information visit iWatt, Inc.

Download datasheets for LED drivers at Datasheets.com.

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