Single-chip magnetometer launched by ST

-February 25, 2013

A high-performance standalone 3-axis magnetometer is now a part of STMicroelectronics’ MEMS sensor portfolio. The LIS3MDL delivers the flexibility necessary for designers to create sensor-fusion designs.  Housed in a 2.2.1mm package, the sensor is used in mobile phones, tablets and personal navigation devices and is suited to indoor navigation as it can calculate dead reckoning without satellite signals.

The device offers flexibility for designers to implement movement and position detection in space-constrained products. It can also be combined with other discrete sensors such as 3-axis MEMS accelerometer or 3-axis MEMS gyroscope, to build sensors with as many as 9 degrees of freedom (DOF).

Samples are available and mass production is scheduled for Q2 2013. Unit pricing is US$0.60 for volumes in the range of 1,000 pieces.


For more information visit STMicroelectronics.

Download sensor datasheets at

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