Voice-quality software performs POLQA test

-February 26, 2013

GL Communications’ VQuad voice-quality test software now offers optional support of the POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis) standard for testing fixed, mobile, and IP-based networks. POLQA (ITU-T P.863) is the successor of PESQ (ITU-T P.862) and can be used for voice-quality analysis of HD voice, 3G, and 4G/LTE networks.

VQuad, along with GL’s VQT (Voice Quality Testing), EMU (Echo Measurement Utility), VBA (Voice Band Analyzer), and Data Test applications, allows end-to-end intrusive testing of voice, data, and video quality, echo, noise, call failure rates, and other impairments between and within different networks. Adding capabilities for wideband and super-wideband (HD) voice signals, the POLQA algorithm rates a degraded or processed speech signal in relation to the original reference signal.

With the POLQA option added directly to the VQuad software, degraded voice files remain at the VQuad node for analysis and are displayed within the VQuad software. It can also be configured to automatically transfer the recorded speech file to the VQT central database.

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VQT product page

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