3U VPX graphics board provides desktop-class AMD graphics in a rugged, long-term available form factor

Nick Flaherty -April 16, 2013

Kontron has launched a 3U VPX graphics board in an embedded form factor and targets military and aerospace applications.

The VX3324 has been designed for long lifecycle applications and is equipped with the AMD Radeon E6460 graphics processing unit. The new VPX graphics board has been optimized for size, weight, power and cooling (SWAP-C) constrained applications and supports the latest high-end graphics performance features such as DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.0 and Shader model 5.0, providing an immersive 3D user experience. Moreover, it reduces the bill-of-material in multi-monitor environments with its support of up to three independent high-resolution monitors.

Despite its powerful graphics capabilities, the Kontron VX3324 requires only up to 22 watts, enabling applications to be designed with a low-power footprint and low-heat dissipation to meet the needs of power and heat sensitive situational awareness, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications. Further target segments include, command and control workstations, radar consoles and cockpit displays. Users can experience an increased field of view by spanning the video signal across three monitors. The integrated unified video decoder effectively offloads the system host processor when decoding HD H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, or MPEG-4 part 2 video streams, leaving maximum system resources for mission-critical tasks. Furthermore, the stereoscopic 3D capability of the VX3324 enables OEMs to equip ground control stations of unmanned vehicles with an unprecedented level of immersion and precision.

Due to its standard MXM 3.0 modules, the Kontron 3U VPX graphics board VX3324 offers integrated future-proof scalability. OEMs can integrate new modules as they are launched without the need for a mechanical redesign. Plus, they are presented with a safe migration path which allows for simplified upgrades of image-centric applications and increased investment security of devices with long-lifecycles.

The VX3324 incorporates an embedded AMD Radeon MXM 3.0 module, based on the embedded AMD Radeon 6460 GPU. The 3U VPX graphics board integrates 160 cores at 600 MHz and 512 MB GDDR5 high-performance graphics memory for a 3DMark VantageP score of up to P2195. The integrated hardware video decoder efficiently reduces CPU load when decoding H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 part 2 video. Up to three independent displays can be connected via two DisplayPort 1.2 and one VGA interface with a resolution up to 2560 x 2048 and 30 bit per pixel. Video signals can be routed either to the front panel or the backplane. The new graphics board supports PCI Express Gen 2 and can operate with one, two, four or eight lanes, depending on the host board's configuration. The VX3324 is available with standard air cooling or conduction cooling for an extended temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C.

The board supports Linux and Windows operating systems. Now shipping, it can be ordered as a stand-alone solution or integrated into Kontron's rugged multi-mission ApexVX computer system.

Visit Kontron at www.kontron.com.

This article originally appeared in EE Times Europe.
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