Varistors protect automotive electrical systems

-May 09, 2013

Stackpole/Keko’s AVL series of radial-leaded varistors provides high-current and high-energy handling to suppress transient-voltage events in 12-V, 24-V, and 42-V automotive electrical systems. Comprising both single-layer and multilayer devices, the series offers one-time load-dump energy ratings of up to 100 J, a response time of less than 25 ns, and peak current handling of up to 2000 A.

AC operating voltages range from 14 V to 40 V RMS, while DC operating voltages span 16 V to 56 V. Suitable for a wide range of automotive and motor-control applications, the components are UL 1449-certified under File No. E221545 Section 7, as well as AEC-Q200-qualified (Grade 1).

AVL series varistors are available in tape and reel, ammo, and bulk packaging. Prices vary according to size and voltage ratings, ranging from $0.41 to $0.85 in full package quantities.

AVL series varistors datasheet

Stackpole Electronics,

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