Connectors up performance for LED bulbs and fixtures

-May 14, 2013

Several wire-to-board and board-to-board connectors from Hirose are part of the DF Series (DF57H, DF59, DF61 and DF62) that offers space savings, high cable pull forces, and reliability.  

The DF57H Series wire-to-board connector is capable of delivering 2.5 amps of current in a small 1.2 mm pitch, 1.4 mm mated height connector.  A swing lock produces a clear tactile click to ensure the mating process has been completed.  It features high contact lance strength and a low profile for connecting LED drivers to lighting fixtures.  



The DF59 Series multi-functional connector can be configured to either work as a wire-to-board or board-to-board connector system. The 2.0 mm pitch connector has one common socket can mate to three different header styles. It is designed for linear SSL applications.

The DF61 Series connector features 2.2 mm pitch with a low-mated height of 2.38 mm.  It has high current capacity of 5 amps and a high voltage rating of 350 V AC/DC targeting LED light bulbs and LED tube fixtures.  The swing-lock connector header is molded as one solid piece to help prevent solder wicking.

The DF62 Series slim wire-to-wire connector is designed with small or confined spaces in mind. Features include a multi-row pin layout, smooth outside contour, no exposed metal on the outside of the housing, this series targets LED applications.  The two-point crimp contact design delivers a reliable connection that is resistant to shock and vibration. Contact company for pricing and delivery.


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