Flash-based FPGA family integrates embedded memory, connectivity, and security features

-June 18, 2013

Microsemi has announced its IGLOO2 family of non-volatile flash-based FPGAs, combining embedded memory and multiple connectivity options with low-power and security features.

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Figure 1. IGLOO2 devices combine blocks for connectivity, memory and DSP functionality with a fabric of up to 150K logic elements.

Designed to meet demand for midrange devices, IGLOO2 family members offer up to 150K LEs (logic elements), 240 DSP blocks, 16-lane SERDES, four PCIe endpoints, 2x36 DDR controllers, and multiple memory blocks. An embedded memory subsystem provides flash-based memory for secure storage of keys and configuration data as well as a pair of embedded SRAM blocks to speed data-intensive operations such as video processing with reduced off-chip memory access.

Figure 2. A memory system combines flash-based eNVM (embedded non-volatile memory) and SRAM blocks with DMA controllers and two-port DDR bridge.

Designed for low-power operation, the new family utilizes Microsemi's Flash*Freeze functionality, which allows the devices to retain full state while dropping to low power modes and rapidly restore state on return to normal operating mode.

For security, the family includes built-in features to enable root-of-trust operation with secure boot, authentication, and resistance to side-channel attacks.

Development relies on the Libero SoC suite, which includes leading development tools. A low-cost IGLOO2 Evaluation Kit will be available in August 2013.

The M2GL050 is shipping in volume production now with subsequent device configurations rolling out throughout 2013 and early 2014. IGLOO2 FPGAs will be available in extended temperature offerings of up to 125 degrees centigrade temperature junction. Pricing for IGLOO2 starts at less than $7 in volume.

For more information, visit Microsemi's IGLOO2 page.

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