Function generators tout full numeric keypad and color display

-June 20, 2013

B&K Precision has expanded its line of DDS (direct digital synthesis) sweep function generators with the addition of three models: the 12-MHz 4014B, the 20-MHz 4040B, and the 20-MHz 4045B with 12-bit, 50-Msample/s, 1-kpoint arbitrary-waveform capability. The 4014B represents a new 12-MHz function generator, while the 4040B and 4045B directly replace previous 20-MHz models (the 4040DDS and 4045). These models offer key interface improvements compared to their predecessors, such as a large color LCD and menu-driven front-panel keypad, as well as waveform and range selection buttons for making adjustments. The color display shows both waveform parameters and a preview of the output waveform.

All of the instruments generate stable and precise sine, square, and triangle waveforms and provide output voltages from 0 to 10 V pk-pk into 50 Ω or 20 V pk-pk into an open circuit. Separate output amplitude and DC offset amplifiers allow users to set large DC offsets from –4.99 V to +4.99 V into 50 Ω with a small amplitude output signal as low as 10 mV.

Other features include a rotary control knob, linear and logarithmic sweep function, AM/FM modulation, a built-in counter, and SCPI-compatible USB interface. Overvoltage and short-circuit protection on all inputs and outputs prevents accidental damage to the instrument.

List prices for the 4014B, 4040B, and 4045B function generators are $475, $550, and $750, respectively.

4014B and 4040B datasheet
4045B datasheet

B&K Precision,

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