Touch wheel allows intuitive equipment control

-June 20, 2013

Manufactured in a sealed package with an overall diameter of about 4.5 in., the T2 MTCW (Multi-Touch Control Wheel) offers an array of sensor data options that enables the system to interpret many different finger gestures for machine command and image manipulation. The T2 MTCW combines the functionality of four devices in one unit: a multi-touch touchpad, virtual 4-to-256-position rotary encoder, virtual 4-position joystick, and proximity sensor.

Grayhill’s Instinct Touch technology teams a gesture-recognition library with the T2 MTCW to track movements on the device’s touchpad, using as many as five fingers at a time. Menu search, selection, navigation, image manipulation, and other commands are executed by this single human-interface device, which can be easily integrated into OEM equipment.

Used in medical imaging, gaming, industrial control, and a variety of other applications, the T2 MTCW’s low profile allows for efficient integration into a control panel. A software development kit is available for customizing the gesture-recognition library and serves as a common development platform for prototyping and evaluating different solutions.

T2 MTCW datasheet


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