IC hones image stabilization for smart-phone cameras

-July 20, 2013

Integrating three driver circuits, a CPU core, and servo-control DSP, the RAA305170GBM OIS (optical image stabilizer) IC under development at Renesas independently controls three VCM (voice coil motor) actuators to bring high-end image stabilization to camera-equipped mobile phones and tablet PCs. The manufacturer reports that this is the first OIS device to offer this level of integration for the smart-phone and tablet market.

The RAA305170GBM provides closed-loop autofocus control, while digital filtering can be used to reduce audible noise from actuator operation and decrease gyro-sensor output drift due to temperature variations. On-chip flash memory eliminates the need to download firmware from an external device. As a result, the CPU startup time following power-on is reduced from the 40 ms of previous Renesas devices without flash memory to just 0.7 ms. Changes to product specifications or control parameters are accommodated through firmware updates and can be updated after the product has entered mass production.

Samples of the RAA305170GBM are available now at a cost of $10 each. Mass production is expected to reach a scale of 10,000,000 units per month in March, 2014.

A datasheet for the RAA305170GBM was not available at the time of this announcement.

RAA305170GBM product brief

Renesas Electronics, www.renesas.com

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