Agilent launches next-generation 6-1/2-digit multimeters

-July 21, 2013

Agilent Technology’s 34460A and 34461A digital multimeters leverage Truevolt analog-to-digital conversion to reduce extraneous factors, such as noise, injected current, and input bias current, for increased measurement confidence. The 34461A is a direct replacement for the Agilent 34401A, offering easy migration for current users, while the 34460A provides a basic entry point to the 6-½-digit class of DMMs.

The Truevolt series of bench DMMs offers several advantages over previous models. Compared to the 34401A DMM, the new 34461A furnishes expanded current ranges from 100 µA to 10 A. Both the 34460A and 34461A provide a temperature-measurement function (RTD/Pt100, thermistor) and increased diode-measurement capability up to 5 V. They also use digital direct-sampling techniques to make AC RMS measurements, resulting in a true RMS calculation and avoiding the slow response of analog RMS converters. This allows for crest factors of up to 10 without additional error terms.

These next-generation multimeters feature a 4.3-in. color display to view numerical readings, long-term trends (34461A only), measurement histograms, and statistical information. Engineers can set display preferences and pull them up automatically the next time they start up the instrument.

The 34460A digital multimeter costs $945; the 34461A digital multimeter costs $1095. Both instruments are available now.

Truevolt 34460A/34461A DMM datasheet

Agilent Technologies,

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