3G/4G modules team with NI’s CompactRIO controller

-August 08, 2013

S.E.A. Datentechnik has launched a series of mobile communication modules for use with National Instruments’ cRIO-9068 controller, which is part of the NI CompactRIO reconfigurable embedded control and acquisition platform. The SEA 9751 and SEA 9754 modules enable designers of monitoring and measurement systems based on CompactRIO to access the entire application remotely. Data exchange and even updates of the LabView application software can be handled at high speed using minimal energy.

The SEA 9751 3G module transfers data at rates of up to 14 Mbps (via HSPA+), while the SEA 9754 4G/LTE module supports peak data rates that can reach up to 100 Mbps. Both modules come with an embedded GPS receiver to provide detailed geotag information, as well as time-stamp data accurate to within microseconds. Units provide a pulse-per-second signal via the backplane or a dedicated front-panel connector for precision timekeeping and time measurement.

Compared to earlier communication modules, the SEA 9751 and SEA 9754 consume up to 25% less energy. They integrate seamlessly into the Linux-based real-time operating system of the cRIO-9068 and do not require their own onboard processor. No additional installation and configuration software is needed as the modules can be configured using a web browser.

Datasheets for the SEA 9751 and SEA 9754 mobile communications modules were not available at the time of this announcement.

S.E.A. Datentechnik, www.sea-gmbh.com/en

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