Spirent merges field and lab test platforms for VoLTE testing

-August 22, 2013

Spirent has integrated its field-based Nomad HD call-performance and voice-quality measurement system with its laboratory CS8 and 8100 mobile-device testers to allow carriers and mobile-device suppliers to apply the same measurement system in both live networks and in the lab to ensure subscriber satisfaction with VoLTE services. This single-platform approach can be used to measure VoLTE and HD voice quality, including latency and jitter, along with call setup time, call initiation rates, and call drop rates.

Testing VoLTE functionality in the lab falls into two main categories: protocol conformance and service performance. The CS8 multipurpose network emulator provides a prepackaged and customizable platform for both of these areas. While targeted at R&D labs, the CS8 also forms the heart of the automated and highly scalable 8100 mobile device test system. The 8100 ensures that mobile devices meet key performance criteria required for acceptance by leading carriers in North American and elsewhere. After deployment, these platforms can be used to troubleshoot issues found in the field by using identical measurements systems and KPIs (key performance indicators) in the lab and in the live network.

For more information on testing VoLTE voice quality, visit www.spirent.com/go/VoLTE.

Nomad HD datasheet
CS8 Mobile Device Tester datasheet
8100 Mobile Device Test System datasheet

Spirent Communications, www.spirent.com

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