Anritsu updates VNAs with added measurement capabilities

-August 24, 2013

Expanding the VectorStar family of vector network analyzers, Anritsu’s MS4640B series offers two measurement options for performing pulse profile, point-in-pulse, and pulse-to-pulse measurements, as well as true-mode stimulus S-parameter measurements. The PulseView and DifferentialView options help engineers test and characterize components and subsystems designed for radar and high-speed serial applications.

Aimed at the aerospace and defense sectors, PulseView offers 2.5-ns resolution with a 100-dB dynamic range, coupled with independent measurement gates, for testing designs under pulse conditions. It also enables users to see performance perturbations on the rising/trailing edges and within a pulse. A capture time of 500 ms permits measurements under long pulse-repetition interval conditions or pulse-to-pulse measurements over an extended number of pulses.

DifferentialView, together with an optional internal second source, provides engineers developing differential amplifiers or signal-integrity engineers working on high-speed serial designs with the ability to evaluate their designs under true-mode stimulus conditions. When DifferentialView is used with Anritsu’s four-port test sets, users can measure differential, common-mode, and mixed-mode S-parameters.

The MS4640B series of VNAs comprises 20-GHz, 40-GHz, 50-GHz, and 70-GHz models, with prices starting at $76,325. PulseView costs $30,000. DifferentialView costs $10,150. Delivery is 8 to 10 weeks.

MS4640B series datasheet


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