Modular analyzer handles one to six power phases

-August 26, 2013

Offering standard, logging, transient, and power-speed measurement modes, the Model 108A power analyzer from Infratek can be configured for up to six-phase measurements with 18-bit resolution and precision as high as 0.02% reading + 0.02% range. The multiphase analyzer provides a measurement bandwidth of DC to 2 MHz and a data transfer rate of 3400 values/s.

A wide-angle, touch-screen TFT color display simplifies operation. Almost all settings are accomplished with two touches on the screen or two clicks of the mouse. Eight voltage measurement ranges span 0.3 V to 1000 V, while current measurement ranges cover 1 mA to 50 A. Measurement functions include frequency, RMS current, RMS voltage, power, power factor, apparent power, energy, and apparent energy. External speed and torque inputs are optional.

The Model 108A furnishes a variety of interfaces, including Ethernet, RS-232, USB, IEEE 488, and process. It supplies 1 Gbyte of memory for storing measurement results and uses Windows-based operating software.

Model 108A power analyzer datasheet


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