Low-profile ferrite-bead arrays permit high-density mounting

-October 03, 2013

Offering a compact EMI filtering option for circuit designers, ferrite-bead arrays in the ACSB series from Abracon come in surface-mount packages ranging in size from 5.60×5.00×1.50 mm to 5.60×4.80×3.00 mm. Their tiny form factor allows them to be placed close to the EMI source, meeting space constraints in such devices as notebook computers, tablets, smart phones, cameras, DVD players, LED TVs, motherboards, power supplies, and modems.

The latest additions to the ACSB series of ferrite beads include the ACSB-04T three-line array and the ACSB-05T two-line array. The ACSB-04T provides an impedance rating of 50 Ω at 100 MHz and maximum DC resistance of 9 Ω, while the ACSB-05T provides an impedance rating of 35 Ω and maximum DC resistance of 3 mΩ. Both parts handle a maximum DC current of 5 A. The lead-free components are RoHS-compliant and operate over a temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.

ACSB-04T datasheet
ACSB-05T datasheet
ACSB series datasheet

Abracon, www.abracon.com

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