High lumens and low power—These are bright

-November 05, 2013

Two new members just joined the Cree XLamp CXA LED Array family targeting high-lumen applications. In the process, they simplify design, lower cost, and make metal halide luminaires obsolete.

The new CXA3590 LED Array delivers up to 16,225 lumens at 85°C, a whopping 68% more lumens compared to Cree’s previous brightest array. It is designed to replace 250-watt metal halide (MH) fixtures—using 40% less power and lasting twice as long.

The CXA3070 LED Array delivers more than 11,000 lumens at 85°C and the same footprint and package design as the existing CXA3050 LED. Both are optimized to simplify design and enable low system cost. The new high light-output arrays deliver up to 134 lumens-per-watt at 85°C and 70-95 CRI options.

The new LEDs are available in ANSI White and EasyWhite® color temperatures (2700K – 5000K), XLamp CXA3590 and CXA3070 LED samples are available now and production quantities are available with standard lead times.


For more information visit Cree.

Click here for additional manufacturer product data CXA3590 and CXA3070.

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