Li-ion battery-management chipset monitors up to 16 cells

-December 07, 2013

Comprising an analog front-end IC and microcontroller, the MK5238 battery-management chipset from Lapis Semiconductor provides charge/discharge control, monitoring, and protection for lithium-ion secondary battery packs with 5 to 16 cells. The two-chip set is adaptable for systems using safer lithium iron phosphate batteries with multiple cells connected in series, such as electric bikes, power tools, and uninterruptible power supplies.

Voltage measurement accuracy is ±10 mV typical, while charge/discharge current measurement accuracy ±0.5 A typical. A built-in 100-mA cell-balancing switch eliminates the need for an external circuit for cell balancing. Operating current consumption is 250 µA typical and just 0.1 µA in power-down mode. The MK5238 also offers an LED driver for displaying the remaining battery charge using up to five external LEDs.

The ML5238 analog front-end IC is housed in a QFP44; the ML610Q496P ARM-based microcontroller comes in a TQFP48. Both devices have an operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C.

MK5238 chipset product page

Lapis Semiconductor,

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