Mini handheld meter measures UV irradiation

-December 13, 2013

Covering an ultraviolet (UV) wavelength of 290 nm to 390 nm, the M150 UV-A/B (longwave/shortwave) light meter from Anaheim Scientific provides irradiation measurement ranges of 3999 µW/cm2 and 39.99 mW/cm2 with a sampling rate of about 3 seconds. The handheld meter is just 5.3×1.9×0.2 in. and weighs 2.8 ounces, making it convenient for use in both the lab and field.

The battery-powered M150 employs a 3¾-digit liquid-crystal display with a maximum reading of 4000 counts. Measurement accuracy is ±4% +2 digits in sunlight (15% for other light sources). Accuracy attenuation is <±3%/year. A data-hold button freezes the display to capture readings. In addition, the M150 comes with a separate probe to allow users to measure UV light at an optimum position.

The M150 UV-A/B meter costs $129.

M150 UV-A/B meter datasheet

Anaheim Scientific,

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