AC current sensors team with HOBO dataloggers

-December 13, 2013

Compatible with Onset Computer’s HOBO standalone dataloggers, Web-based monitoring systems, and wireless data nodes, the Accu-CT series of split-core current transformers can be used for AC current measurements up to 250 A in commercial-building energy audits, building-commissioning studies, and other applications. The revenue-grade current transformers are accurate to within ±0.75% from 1% to 120% of rated primary current. In addition, the devices provide phase angle accuracy of ±0.5° (30 minutes) from 1% to 120% of rated current.

Accu-CT transformers are available with current ratings of 20 A, 50 A, 100 A, and 250 A. Output voltage is 333.33 mV AC at rated current. The transformers offer one-handed operation, a built-in burden resistor, and a window opening of 0.75 in. Standard lead length is 8 feet (2.4 meters), 18 AWG.

The Accu-CT series of current transformers are manufactured by Continental Control Systems and sold through Onset at a price of $45 each.

20-A transformer product page
50-A transformer product page 
100-A transformer product page
250-A transformer product page

Onset Computer,

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