6-GHz vector signal transceiver offers 200-MHz bandwidth

-March 11, 2014

The PXIe-5646R vector signal transceiver from National Instruments covers a frequency range of 65 MHz to 6 GHz and delivers up to 200 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth for testing a variety of wireless standards, such as IEEE 802.11ac, 160-MHz WLAN, and LTE Advanced. It also achieves an error vector magnitude (EVM) measurement floor of better than –45 dB (0.5%) at 5.8 GHz.

Housed in a three-slot 3U PXI Express form factor, the PXIe-5646R combines a vector signal analyzer with a vector signal generator and a user-programmable FPGA for real-time signal processing and control. According to National Instruments, users have seen 10X to 100X improvements in test time by leveraging the speed, deterministic processing, and inherent parallel architecture of the FPGA.

The PXIe-5646R transceiver’s 200-MHz of complex bandwidth is accomplished via a sample rate of 250 Msamples/s, which is greater than eight times the data rate for the standard LTE radio frame. This makes the vector signal transceiver suited for design and test techniques like digital predistortion and envelope tracking.

PXIe-5646R product page

National Instruments, www.ni.com

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