NPI software links PCB design and manufacturing operations

-March 27, 2014

Mentor Graphics’ Valor NPI (new product introduction) software is now fully integrated with the company’s Xpedition PCB design platform to deliver a seamless, automated flow for the design, fabrication, and assembly of PCBs. Valor helps design-level and product-level NPI engineers prepare and validate product models according to the manufacturer’s rule set in the engineer’s native design tool.

The lean NPI flow provides a true PCB design-through-manufacturing solution by first preparing and verifying the final PCB product model definition, then delivering that product model through the manufacturing process definition, factory floor tooling, and document creation stages. Additionally, the use of the ODB++ V8 open-standard file format within the NPI flow enables intelligent design-to-manufacturing data transfer.

The lean NPI flow comprises the Xpedition platform, the Valor NPI and Valor Process Preparation products, and the Valor Parts Library. It also supports Frontline PCB fabrication tools and several ODB++-compatible third-party tools.

Valor NPI product page

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