PXI Express multiplexer packs 152 channels

-May 31, 2014

Capable of switching up to 300 VDC/300 VAC and 2 A, the SMX-3276 3U PXI Express multiplexer from VTI Instruments furnishes 152 channels for scanning multiple points to a common bus in 1-wire, 2-wire, or 4-wire configurations. The SMX-3276 gives ATE system designers the ability to switch input signals with up to 34-MHz bandwidth, while reducing crosstalk levels to as low as –70 dB at 100 kHz.

Extensive signal shielding preserves signal integrity throughout the signal path by maintaining the signals at the same reference levels as the UUT. The SMX-3276 also has internal capacitive-discharge relays that can be enabled to momentarily short out the measurement path when changing from one input channel to the next. This dissipates any voltage held by the wiring and instrument input capacitance and protects sensitive devices, such as CMOS circuits, from residual voltages caused by previous high-voltage measurements.

As an extension of VTI’s EX1200 series switch family, the SMX series provides seamless integration between the two families, simplifying the transition from a low to medium-size switch system in PXI Express to a large-scale switch system in the EX1200.

SMX-3276 multiplexer product page

VTI Instruments, www.vtiinstruments.com

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