MOSFETs automatically balance supercapacitor cells

-November 04, 2014

Intended for high-voltage commercial applications, Advanced Linear Devices’ family of Supercapacitor Auto Balancing (SAB) MOSFET arrays regulates and balances leakage current for each cell used in a series stack of two or more for systems between 5 V and 400 V. Supercapacitors are used in a broad range of energy-storage applications, such as Internet of Things, consumer products, white goods, office automation, long-term battery backup, and energy harvesting.

Offered in quad and dual configurations housed in 16-pin and 8-pin SOIC packages, each device in the ALD810016-22/ALD910016-22 portfolio can effectively balance up to four supercapacitor cells. Starting with two cells, the MOSFET arrays can balance an unlimited number of supercapacitor cells stacked in a series. Their standard operating temperature range of 0°C to +70°C is suitable for most commercial systems.

The ALD810016-22/ALD910016-22 family dissipates near zero leakage current and contributes no additional power dissipation to the capacitor stack. SAB MOSFETs offer different threshold voltages for various supercapacitor operating voltages and leakage current characteristics. The family covers a range of operating voltages from 1.6 V to 2.8 V and leakage-current ranges from less than 0.3 nA to greater than 3000 µA.

Prices for the ALD810016-22/ALD910016-22 MOSFETs start at $1.12 each in lots of 1000 units.

ALD810016-22/ALD910016-22 product page

Advanced Linear Devices,

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