Knowm's memristors alive & shipping

-September 02, 2015

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The name memristor is formed from memory + resistor. The fundamental component it labels behaves like a resistor, but one whose value changes based on the integral of the current passing through it, hence, the memory aspect. Innovative company Knowm is making parts and services available, with a strong focus on machine learning.

                      Evaluation chip contains eight Memristors

Bidirectional applied voltage "write" pulses (black)
Memristor current (red)

Memristor hysteresis loops at various frequencies and voltages

Knowm's memristors can be applied as a BEOL (back-end of line) CMOS process too, enabling what they hope will be a whole world of machine learning, memory, and other applications.

BS-AF-W Memristor evaluation chip

Knowm, Inc.,

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