ALD rolls out P-channel version of EPAD MOSFET

-February 22, 2016

Advanced Linear Devices has launched its first P-channel EPAD (electrically programmable analog device) matched-pair MOSFET array, the ALD310708, which provides a gate threshold of -0.80 V. The enhancement-mode MOSFET is intended for next-generation sensor circuits in portable instruments and will enhance both the sensitivity and accuracy of these designs.

EPAD CMOS technology allows threshold voltage and on-resistance characteristics to be electrically programmed to precise levels. Once programmed, the set parameters are stored within the device, even after power is removed.

With its -0.80-V gate threshold, the A-grade ALD310708A enables circuit designs with operating voltages as low as 0.80 V. This ultra-precise grade offers a maximum offset voltage of 2 mV. The standard-grade ALD310708 has the same gate threshold, but offers an offset voltage of 10 mV.

EPAD P-channel MOSFET arrays provide the ability to build 0.5% precision current mirrors and current sources without trimming circuitry, as well as energy-harvesting circuits, very low voltage analog and digital circuits, low-temperature-coefficient (≤50-ppm/°C) current mirrors/sources, backup battery circuits, and power-failure detectors, to name a few.

The ALD310708 is available in quad and dual versions in 16-pin SOIC packages, with prices starting at $1.59 in lots of 1000 units.

ALD310708 product page

Advanced Linear Devices,

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