Tektronix updates PAM4 validation platform

-December 03, 2016

The latest release of Tektronix’ PAM4 transmitter analysis software adds error detection, SNDR (signal-to-noise and distortion ratio) measurement, and FFE/DFE equalization. Leveraging the company’s DPO70000SX oscilloscope series, the software is used to validate 400G physical-layer transmitter designs. This update reduces complexity by pulling together all PAM4 measurement capabilities into a single application.

Following the latest revisions of the IEEE and OIF-CEI standards, the software now includes error-detection and visualization. Repeating symbol patterns are automatically recognized, and SER (symbol error rate) and BER (bit error rate) values are accumulated and reported. An error navigator allows individual symbol errors to be viewed in the acquired waveform, together with contextual information.

Support for the new SNDR measurement delivers results up to 34 dB on the DPO70000SX ATI-based oscilloscopes. In addition, the software meets FFE (feed forward equalization) and DFE (decision feedback equalization) signal-conditioning requirements specified in the latest IEEE 802.3bs 400G specification.

PAM4 software is available immediately, with prices starting at $7500.

PAM4 product page

Tektronix, www.tek.com

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