Corelis updates boundary-scan tool suite

-January 16, 2017

ScanExpress Version 8.4 allows dynamic driving and sensing of GPIO signals on Corelis USB-1149.1/1E and USB-1149.1/4 JTAG controllers using the main ScanExpress Debugger graphical interface. The boundary-scan tool suite also features a new TPG Cluster Wizard to assist in the creation of tests for non-boundary-scan devices. Engineers can select relevant signals and then define test vectors, all within the ScanExpress TPG preparation phase test-development flow.

User-interface enhancements to the ScanExpress Viewer include the ability to display both sides of a PCB simultaneously, support for merged device names, on-the-fly vertical and horizontal mirroring, and improved zoom controls. In addition, four new ScanExpress DFT Analyzer reports aid in the evaluation of boundary-scan test coverage. These reports include Partially Tested Nets, Partially Tested Nets and Pins, Complete Tested Nets, and Complete Tested Nets and Pins.

Finally, three more CPU packages have been added to ScanExpress JET to support NXP QorIQ T2, i.MX6, and MPC56xx processor families.

Existing Corelis customers with a valid maintenance contract can access Version 8.4 through the Corelis support website.

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