3U rack case allows all-around access

-January 25, 2017

Verotec’s heavy-duty EMC RackCase Pro is a 3U, 19-in. rack-mount case that comes in standard depths of 240 mm, 350 mm, and 460 mm. It offers all-around access during assembly and can be used to house audio, broadcast, and test equipment in areas where EMC integrity is important.

Extruded side panels form a rigid structure in conjunction with the front and rear panels and top and base covers. Full-length slots on the external face of the side panels accommodate telescopic slides that allow the unit to be easily withdrawn from a 19-in. rack for quick access. Internally, the side panels have 12 separate channels into which tapped strips or individual M4 captive nuts can be positioned to provide secure mounting points for housed components.

The unit’s steel covers have a conductive finish and slide into dedicated slots. Conductive gaskets in these slots prevent movement and ensure conductivity between all components of the assembly. A hole pattern in ventilated covers enables efficient convection or forced-air cooling without compromising EMC integrity. In addition, the 3-mm aluminum front and rear panels have an anodized finish and are easily machined and drilled.

Verotec, www.verotec.co.uk

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