Astronics grows PXIe test lineup

-February 05, 2017

Astronics offers the PXIe-1802 arbitrary waveform generator and the PXIe-1803 digitizer for the aerospace, defense, communication, medical, and other high-reliability markets. Both instruments provide dual channels that can be operated separately or synchronized, with waveform bandwidths of 90 MHz to 140 MHz for the PXIe-1802 AWG and 65 MHz to 175 MHz for the PXIe-1803 digitizer.

The PXIe-1802 arbitrary waveform generator furnishes output frequencies of up to 125 MHz. It is available with either two 14-bit, 180-Msample/s channels or two 16-bit, 400-Msamples/s channels or one of each. Along with built-in waveforms and 8 M to 64 M of waveform memory per channel, the PXIe-1802 achieves 250-μV measurement accuracy.

Working with input frequencies of up to 175 MHz, the PXIe-1803 digitizer is available with two 14-bit, 130-Msample/s channels or two 16-bit, 180-Msample/s channels. Other features include 64 Mwords of waveform memory per channel and relative accuracy of up to 0.006%.

The small size of the PXIe-1802 and PXIe-1803 make them useful in high-channel-count applications. They can be synchronized with additional modules in a PXI chassis with hybrid slots.

PXIe-1802 product page
PXIe-1803 product page

Astronics Test Systems,

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