Digitizer touts fast, high-res sampling

-February 16, 2017

Offering two channels, the ADQ7 digitizer from SP Devices combines 14-bit vertical resolution with a sampling rate of up to 10 Gsamples/s. The module hosts a Xilinx XCKU060 FPGA, which is made available through a firmware development kit. In addition, a number of optional stand-alone firmware packages are available containing application-specific, real-time signal-processing functions.

The ADQ7’s 2.5-GHz analog bandwidth and high dynamic range make it well-suited for such applications as LIDAR, radar, mass spectrometry, RF sampling and recording, and ATE. Its analog front-end comes in AC-coupled (ADQ7AC) and DC-coupled (ADQ7DC) variants and accommodates a wide variety of sensors and measurement requirements. The ADQ7DC supports low or zero-IF radio applications, while the ADQ7AC is recommended for high-frequency RF applications.

The AC-coupled version provides two channels operating at 5 Gsamples/s. The DC-coupled version can be switched dynamically between two channels operating at 5 Gsamples/s and one channel at 10 Gsamples/s. Other features of the digitizer include triggered or continuous streaming, 4 Gbytes of onboard DRAM for FIFO use, and a choice of form factors and data interfaces (PCIe, PXIe, USB 3.0, MTCA.4, and 10 GbE).

Both versions of the ADQ7 come with a software development kit that supports multiple languages including, but not limited to, C++, C#, MATLAB, Python, and LabView. The ADQ7 runs under both Windows and Linux.

ADQ7 product page

SP Devices, www.spdevices.com

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