8-in-1 scope fits in handheld package

-February 20, 2017

The ScopeRider digital oscilloscope from Rhode & Schwarz combines the functions of eight instruments, including a logic analyzer, protocol analyzer, data logger, digital multimeter, spectrum analyzer, harmonics analyzer, and frequency counter, into one handheld device. Offered in two-channel and four-channel configurations for bandwidths of up to 500 MHz, the instrument also provides dedicated modes for XY operation, roll mode, and mask testing.

Software option RTH-K33 gives the Scope Rider a two-channel frequency counter. It quickly determines the clock frequency of a signal and displays it on a nine-digit display with five-digit measurement accuracy. Connecting a high-precision reference clock to one channel can increase accuracy to seven digits.

The high update rate of the RTH-K18 spectrum-analyzer option allows responsive, intuitive operation—simply enter a center frequency and the desired measurement bandwidth. Min hold, max hold, clear/write tracing, and mean value operating modes support subsequent analysis.

For assessing power-supply quality, the RTH-K34 software option measures harmonics to the 64th order and determines total harmonic distortion. It also measures limit values in line with EN 50160.

Prices for the Scope Rider oscilloscope start at $3305 for a 60-MHz, two-channel base unit.

Scope Rider product page

Rohde & Schwarz, www.rohde-schwarz.com

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